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Tales from the O-NO Ranch

As most of you readers, you gentle readers know, I resolved a number of years ago to take most situations that would ordinarily put me into a tailspin, and not get so up tight about them. I’ve said in the past, and still do, that I usually look for a snake under every rock, right? Sometimes there is a snake under lots of my rocks. There was the snake in the new clothes dryer, that big one by the saddle room door, the one by the mailbox and the one in the garage!

Recently I purchased a new motorcycle (used) and had my lady friend, Jane, take me to pick it up in Fort Collins. When we arrived back at the house we took a little ride on it and returned shortly by my usual route where I have to cross a bridge that crosses Coal Creek. Coal Creek runs through my place. When we got back to the house, Jane asked, “did you notice all that water in the creek?” The creek usually runs November through June or July. However, with the drought these past few years it dries up pretty quick and it was bone dry the last time I was down there a couple of days before.

“There ain’t no water in the creek Jane. I drove my truck across it a couple of days ago to fix some fence on the back side.” We got in the truck and drove down to the creek so I could prove to Jane that she was mistaken. She wasn’t. The water had come from a flash flood somewhere up North of my place and even though it had gone down considerably, it was still about three feet deep and had washed out my two water gaps.

I had one steer missing and one that looked as if he had done battle with a rhino. It was getting dark so I called my son-in-law to come help me as Jane wasn’t dressed to wade out in that mess nor would I have asked her to. With lightning dancing around off in the distance and night coming on quickly, we worked as fast as we could. The gaps were back up by dark. It was no big deal, I told myself, “no big deal”.

The next morning all the steers were on the place even though the one was still a little stiff and I believe that he was in the creek when the creek flooded and got beat up a little. No big deal.

I had my glasses fly out of my pocket while riding my bike on the interstate yesterday. I couldn’t get stopped as I had heavy traffic behind me nor can you back a motorcycle up as most all have no reverse gear. I went back later in my truck, found the glass case, but alas, no glasses. No big deal. I’ll just go blind for a while and hope you can read this column. Actually, I’m wearin’ a pair of old glasses to get by. No big deal.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.


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