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Tales from the O-NO Ranch

Gentle readers, did you ever watch that TV series, “Lost?” I did for awhile until I got lost just watchin’ it. I have been lost myself a few times and I’ve lost some stuff on more than one occasion.

Just recently I lost, as I mentioned before, one pair of good eyeglases while riding my motorcycle. I also lost a good pair of sunglasses and one motorcycle riding glove. That ain’t all. I’m writing this column in the most primitive way. I’m using a ball point pen and paper because I’ve lost my computer. Yep, sure have and I can hardly determine what I’m putting down on paper because I don’t see very well without my good glasses.

Right about now, you’re askin’, “How did you lose your computer, stupid?” Well, it was this-a-way: I let someone build me a new computer with the latest programs and I got to use it for less than a week before it started giving me “fits.” Then it cratered. They had to come and pick it up for an overhaul to determine its illness.

Do you remember that little black steer of mine I was tellin’ you about? You know, the one that escaped once and than got caught up in our little flash flood? Well, I roped and doctored him ’cause he seemed to not be doin’ so good and he died right in the middle of the creek that same night.

Other folks are losing things, too. I found 16 head of old “mossy-backed” ropin’ steers on my place a few days after the flood. They wandered from upstream to my water gap, jumped over it and made themselves at home. Nobody would own up to knowing anything about the steers until I got one of our young but capable brand inspectors involved. He located the owner who lived some 50 miles away. The feller came out with a couple of guys with horses and we moved the ole steers back up the road to where they came from.

Surely, I won’t lose this column before you get to read it. Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, and I’ll C. ya.


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