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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 5-11-09

Gentle readers, I am getting just a little suspicious about the way things are shaping up in this country. I really am, and I don’t intend to sound like some wacko that’s been living in a cave. I have been told however, that if I cling to my guns and my religion, I must not be to well- educated. You know, like, I must not have had the opportunity to become enlightened. I must not be quite ready to come over to the progressive side. I must be living in the past and not be fully aware of where and what the future holds for folks like me.


Let me ask you, do you own a gun and live in the country? Do you know someone in your immediate family that owns a gun, drives a pickup, and lives in the country and attends church on a regular basis? Heck, you could be like me.

How about that? I think there must be a lot of us that live that way and think in a manner other than an enlightened and progressive manner. I too attended a “tea” party in a nearby city where there was almost 2,000 folks there. Now the local paper reported only about eight hundred to a thousand folks on hand, but you know what? I count cattle and have for many, many years. I know how to sort folks out in a crowd and be fairly accurate. Trust me, there was closer to 2,000 folks than the 800 or so reported.

Why is that? We know why. It’s because the progressive folks, in my opinion, do not want to admit that there are as many plain, common, down to earth folks that are suspicious of what’s about to happen in our beloved America. The progressive folks prefer to call us redneck right-wing extremist.

Heck, that’s OK with me, because that’s all they’ve got. Name calling. That’s about the extent of their rebuttal; to just call us bigots, racist, rednecks and so on. Doesn’t hurt my feelings, not at all. Let’em rip, ’cause that’s all they’ve got.

At this writing there is a flu epidemic spreading all over the globe. It originated in Mexico, our neighbor to the south. A common, simple redneck feller like myself would suggest that we close our southern border for good or at least until this could-be-crisis is under control or doesn’t occur at all. But you know me, I’m like you, I’m a radical, racist, bigoted redneck right-wing extremist, gun totin’ feller that has a Bible on the coffee table and refers to it often.

Scary, ain’t it?

It could be that my suspicions are unfounded, and that I’m lookin’ for a snake under every rock. Sometimes when you look under every rock you avoid getting snake bit. Of course, I am not holding this publication to agreement on my views, and if you and I are not in agreement, that’s OK. That’s what this country is all about; just let me have my say.

Thank you. Stay tuned; check yer cinch on occasion, and I still think that every (and I mean every) politician should have to stay in cow camp for two weeks at least one time in their life. C. ya.

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