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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 5-3-10

Gentle readers, trying to carry on a conversation with someone who has a real hearing problem is more than frustrating to me most of the time. I said, “Trying to carry on a conversation with someone who has a real hearing problem is more than frustrating to me most of the time!”

Like this morning when I went to the cement pond to do my laps and on this particular day some seniors bunched up and did their water exercises. I don’t exercise with them as I just swim my laps in a lap lane. Plus all that, I don’t feel like an old guy and have no need to do what they do. After I got out of the pool and showered and was blow-drying my hair (that’s a “laff”) an old feller walked up and said “good morning.”

I replied, “This is a nice way to start the day, don’t ya think?”

He leaned in closer and scoffed, “Whad ya say?”

I said, “This is a nice way to start the day!”

He looked down and pulled the draw string on his swim trunks and mumbled something and waddled off. I knew he didn’t understand what I said but for Pete’s sake he was only a foot away and I screamed it at him!

I myself have a wee bit of a hearing problem under certain circumstances. When I’m out dancin’ and the band is loud and some little cutie is trying her best to carry on a conversation as we glide around the dance floor, I just nod in agreement and pretend I understood her clearly. Chances are she might have said, “I think your fly is open.”

I reckon not hearing well is just a part of getting older and we either get hearing aids or we just nod and go along with whatever is being said.

I have mentioned in past columns about an old puncher that I worked with on a large ranch at Amarillo, Texas. Ole Lester wore a large hearing aid in each ear and heard absolutely nothing when he didn’t want to hear. When he was interested he could hear purty darn well. It was frustrating as I would wind up screaming at him at times and he would just look straight ahead and pretend not to hear.

I think a good many of us are getting frustrated because our government seems to be lookin’ straight ahead and ignoring our pleas for things we think need immediate attention. What do you think? I HEAR YA!

As a sidebar I purchased a nice 4-year-old registered gelding off of my neighbors Dan and Kim and ole Dan just called and said they would deliver him after lunch. They have several nice young ranch type horses for sale. Just thought I’d give ‘um a plug as they’re good folks and have some really good ponies on their place.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.

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