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Tales from the O-NO Ranch

Gentle readers, I have said many times that I try very hard not to let little things irritate me. I try and I try but sometimes, doggone it, I just can’t help getting irritated. For example, this morning I stopped by the local co-op to pick up some pink eye medicine and a little horse feed.

There was a parking place up close to the front and as I started to turn into it when I noticed this guy had just walked off and left his door open on the driver’s side. I’m like, “What kind of an idiot just walks off and leaves his pickup door standing open and into the next parking place?” Well, he came out as I was getting out of my truck some distance away and he looked like some idiot that would do just that.

And don’t ya get irritated when you find a parking space at the supermarket up fairly close and you start to pull in, only to find a shopping cart left in the space? Boy, that really irritates me to see just how inconsiderate and lazy some folks are.

Something else that irritates me is in church when some little 3-year-old decides to lean over the pew in front of me and make faces at me and then just flat stare me down. You can’t stare down a 3-year-old if they don’t want to be stared down.

I also hate it when I go to do branding and somebody just has to start training on their horse just before the branding starts. They just stir up the dirt and create a scene that is not necessary, in my opinion, anyway.

I get irritated when I go to the movies (which by the way, is once in a blue moon) only to have the guy behind you pushin’ on the back of your seat and blabbin’ the length of the movie. Of course, I just get up and move if the opportunity is there.

I get irritated when I’m in the sale barn tryin’ to buy a few yearlings or maybe at a horse sale and there’s always that guy that wants to run the price up on ya and he has no intention of buying whatsoever. Usually, it is his horse or cattle that are being sold and he’s just tryin’ to get the best price. I always dump the whatever in his or her lap if I feel I’m gettin’ ambushed.

I get irritated when I pull in to get gas and some kid has his boom box in his car turned up loud enough to vibrate the cement under your feet and has no intention of giving anybody a break. I was young once but I do believe that I had a little more respect for folks than some of these kids do today.

I hate to go to the Quick Stop when I’m in a hurry and the guy in front of you with the long hair, tattoos and bad teeth buys two packs of smokes and dumps a bucket full of change on the counter ­” that just irritates the dickens out of me.

I’m tryin’, I really am. Sometimes I can deal with it without blood pressure goin’ up, sometimes I can’t. How about you?

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c ya.


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