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Tales from the O-NO Ranch

What do ya say we quit digging? I reckon the good ole U.S. of A. has dug itself a purty good-sized hole and I think it’s time to throw the shovel away.

Whatcha’ talkin’ about, Mad Jack, you hillbilly? Well, just let me explain. Our country is overweight, hooked on gimmicks, fast food, quick fixes, divorce and immoral behavior. How’s that for digging?

I just finished watching the public television series “War” and it really, and I don’t say this lightly, broke my heart to see where we’ve come from that time and place. Today we are suspicious of our neighbors, and sometimes we need to be. Our industry has, for the most part, moved to other countries ” by the way, countries that we help rebuild or protect and liberate during the second world war. We were one people back then. Yep, we put the Japanese in camps for most of the war because we were fighting their countrymen at that time and place. Right or wrong, we did it and they survived and we survived the war in an honorable way.

Today, we are strangers by political correctness. We are made to feel badly and called “racist” if we don’t want to personally embrace and promote every single culture that comes to this country. It seems each culture wants to have its own little country in ours and a good many just don’t want to accept us and our culture as it is.

I remember Ward and June Cleaver and the way they ran their family and how it all seemed so simple and how it all worked in their little world. We scoff and poke fun at such behavior today and we do that simply because we are just too busy diggin’ a hole. In today’s world, Beaver Cleaver would be the object of ridicule in school because he wouldn’t have his own cell phone, credit card, laptop computer, and the very fact that he wears his ball cap with the bill in front, as intended, would make him socially unaccepted.

Let’s face it folks, we are a drug culture, legal and illegal. We are all addicts to something or another. It might be drugs and that covers a lot of ground or it might be porn on the computer or computer games or online gambling.

Too many of our schools try social engineering on our kids instead of the things that will benefit them in the work place. Our tax dollars are at work in the government-run schools.

All of those painfully young boys, and young men and women lost life and limb in such a terrible war to win the freedom that we enjoy today.

We just keep digging. China produces more of what we use these days. A good bit of it would not pass inspection by the standards that we should have in this country for consumer safety. I bought a jar of fruit the other day ” packaged in Thailand, of all places. Good grief Charlie Brown! Let’s just quit digging.

Let’s quit digging unless we’re digging a hole to throw most all of the dirty rotten scoundrels that dare call themselves lawmakers and politicians into.

I personally believe that most of you out there are good, decent, God fearing Americans that are appalled at what you see taking place in our country. Let’s drop our shovels and we will see a drastic change and we will again be proud of what we have done.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c ya.


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