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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 6-22-09

I don’t know much about pigs. I know that I like bacon and ham and that some pigs could have the swine flu virus. I recently returned from a trip across the mountain to visit with son Andy and his little tribe up in Glade Park. Let me pause here and say that in my 24 years of living in my adopted state of Colorado have I ever seen her look more beautiful. With all the rain that we have had, she has put on her best Sunday dress and is she ever beautiful.

Okay, on with my visit to the Western Slope. My number one grandson, Gavin, has three pigs. He showed a pig last year at the fair and did really well. This year he bought three in hopes that at least two would make weight, and he would be able to show them.

I have never given much thought to how comical a pig can be and how much entertainment they can provide. I did watch that old feller on the television show of years ago called “Green Acres” and this old guy, I think his name was Wimple had a pig. He and the pig were always carrying on a conversation, and he always took the pigs advice. I believe the pig’s name was Arnold.

Anyhoo, I was down at the barn and corrals when Gavin turned his three pigs out of the pen, so they could run and play and get some exercise. The two largest pigs shot outta’ that pen like a rocket, made a sharp right turn through the horse corral and out into the sage brush they went. The smaller pig was busy jumping in circles when his buddies took off, and he didn’t know which way they went. He blasted out of the pen, ran right past the gate to the horse corral, wheeled around and looked at me with a confused look as if to say, “Hey mister, where did them other two pigs go?” Acting a little silly myself, I just pointed towards the gate that they went through.

I ain’t makin’ this up. That pig took off as if he were shot from a cannon, made a hard turn through the gate into the horse corral and headed to the pasture only to find his two buddies in a dead heat coming right back through the horse corral from the pasture. It could have been a really bad wreck, but they side swiped each other and let out a big squeal of glee, and let the games begin. What fun to watch those pigs run and play almost as if they were little children at recess.

What was it I said recently about animals becoming human? The chickens were let out to free range for a spell, and the family dog tried to keep herd on them as if she was gathering a bunch of cows. The chickens were not that impressed. As for me, I really got tickled just watching all that going on in the barnyard.

I got in a little horseback riding with Andy checking on his little cow herd, ate lots of good ole home cooking and caught up on our visiting. Of course I had to pester my four grandchildren and just relish my time there from start to finish.

The very next time I eat some bacon or ham, I will have to reflect back to those three little pigs. The best deal of all is those children know exactly what those farm animal are for and why they are there. God is good.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.

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