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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 6-29-09

I received a letter from Richard up in Laramie, Wyo., today and he was very complimentary with some of his comments, and he shared some of his thoughts about his dad who had recently passed away. It was a very sensitive and touching letter and certainly written from the heart.

I have to tell you, gentle readers, that anytime I receive a letter from you it always inspires me to work harder, do better and maybe someday I will feel as if I have done my best when it comes to writing this column. I ain’t there yet.

I remember when Little Miss Martha and I would get letters from many of you when she was struggling to stay alive. You just can’t know the impact that had on both of us. You could see hope and joy overtake her just by knowing that folks that did not know her would care so much. A few simple words written on a piece of paper that have been placed in such a manner that they so straight to the heart can change one’s outlook entirely.

I struggle many times in writing this column to convey what’s on my mind only to fail at the end and maybe just too lazy to start over and redo what I have written. Some of these letters that I receive may be not so kind as a few of you like to kick my butt for this or that opinion that I have expressed.

I do appreciate your thoughts as well because it gives me a chance to view your opinion and stack it up against mine. There honestly have been those times when you changed my mind on certain things. Thanks! And again, there are a few of you over the years that just need to vent, and I am the conduit for your venting.

A few, very few letters have been just plain nasty and over such simple things. That’s OK too. If I have made you feel better by rippin’ ole Mad Jack’s head off, I have served some purpose I reckon.

Just wanted you to know that in conversing with others verbally, sometimes we don’t always say exactly what we mean or meant to say. At least I don’t. Writing a letter is different because we can erase words and replace them with ones that work or fit the situation much better. Words on paper, be it a birthday card or one of those “Just thinking of you,” type cards are more important most of the time than we give them credit. In the end, I probably could have done a better job of writing this column, but I am at a loss for words.

Stay tuned, thanks again for the letters, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.

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