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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 6-7-10

Mad Jack Hanks
Wellington, Colo.

Gentle readers, one of my neighbors just a scant half mile east of my east pasture, had a mountain lion in his horses for the second time within the last year, that we know about. According to one of our local papers, a lion killed one of his mares back in September and here just a couple of weeks ago a loin attacked another mare but she managed to escape. I have lived out here on the prairie for 15 years and have heard of numerous reports of lions in the area. I am a few miles east of the Rocky Mountain foothills. Back when the chronic wasting disease was rampant in the deer population, they were either dying or being killed to prevent the spread of this epidemic. The lions were losing a good part of their food source and I believe that is what caused so many to come out of the hills and working the plains and hills in this area to survive.

I can tell when a lion has been close by as my horses refuse to come in the corral for their morning feed if they have seen or smelled a lion the night before. They don’t want to be put in a place that they can’t escape if the need arises. I can always encourage them to eventually come in for their oats or hay but they are very nervous about being in there.

I get a little nervous sometimes when I come in from dancin’ and walk past a cottonwood tree to get in the back door. I’m sure ol’ Clancy the wonder dog, would let me know if anything were amiss. However, sometimes he just doesn’t even come out of his dog house to greet me and I don’t know if he is even around. I reckon that I’m too old and tough for any lion to want my flesh and bone, but just the same, I’m always lookin’ around!

As a sidebar, I try to take care of my Wranglers as they have gotten to be sorta’ pricey. I used to always put on a pair of chaps (shaps) when getting’ on a horse just in case something went wrong, plus the fact leather on a leather saddle gives yer behind a better grip when riding.

This morning I was riding a colt without my leggin’s on and we were doing some figure eights to work on lead changes and whatnot and as a result we got into a barbed wire fence and guess what? I ripped my jeans. I suppose I can patch them up but live and learn. The colt did not break into and get stupid, he got stupid by running sideways into the fence against my best efforts to keep him away. The rest of the exercise went well and he seemed to understand that type of behavior didn’t work real well for him or for me for all that matter. He’s a good horse, just young and feelin’ his oats!

Hope yer holiday went well for you and yours and above all, always remember our military and their sacrifice every day of every week of every year!

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Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.