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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 6-8-09

Gentle readers, I recently had my 69th birthday.

Yep, I’m an old guy who has seen lots of things change in my many years. Most recently I witnessed, as you did, General Motors becoming Government Motors. Yep, you and I now own over 60 percent of Government Motors along with our friends from the north, Canada and also Germany has a stake in our new and better motor car company.

Kinda makes ya feel all puffed up when you realize that you are a stockholder in such a large outfit. However, 60 percent of nothing is still nothing.

I remember the little Nash Metropolitan, one of my girlfriends used to have one; and it was a cute little bugger just like she was. I tried to get in that little car on one occasion, but at 6-foot-3, I had to fold up like a lawn chair to get in and like to have never gotten out. It appears that we may be going back to that type of car in the future, so we can all be green.

I have been green with envy before, but that was because years ago my buddy just bought a big crew cab dully.

I have seen other changes also. Over these past 20 years or so, I have seen animals become human, and humans become animals. I watched my grandma wash clothes in a washtub and use a scrub board. I have seen her wash her hair in a tub filled with rainwater from the roof of their house. Today, there are so many health and beauty aids for every thing under the sun that it’s hard to tell who is 12 and who is 42.

I’ve seen my classmates in grade school come to class in overalls but neatly combed hair. Today many of our youth wear baggy pants pulled down below their buttocks proudly displaying their Fruit of the Looms.

I do wish that my generation had the opportunity to benefit from some of what I witness today, but just some of it; like for instance, sun screen. I remember running into the little corner market in Pampa, Texas, and buy my dad a pack of unfiltered Camels with the quarter he gave me. Today, I think they must be about five or six bucks a pack. I wouldn’t care if they were 20 dollars a pack, those things are nasty, and they will kill you. I smoked my share of them up until 20 years ago.

I remember leaving our house unlocked at night when we went to bed. There was no late night television just the star-lit sky as we lay in the yard on blankets in the summer time and wondered where heaven might be located. Even with global positioning we haven’t located it as of this writing.

As a child I would have never talked back to my parents. It just wouldn’t have been tolerated. Today there are so many families that don’t talk at all.

It used to be that folks wanted to get out of the country and move to the city to live a less stressful life. Today folks are scrambling to get out in the country and away from city life to avoid so much stress.

Change is constant and 50 or 75 years from now if we haven’t blown the world apart, folks will look back at how backward we look today. I can’t change much of what goes on today, I can just make a feeble attempt to remind you to take stock of where you are today. Be kind to your neighbor, and say your prayers at bedtime.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.

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