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Tales from the O-NO Ranch

I gotta tell ya, gentle readers, I have just about had it with this Global Warming that Owl Gore has warned us about. Yesterday morning it was five above zero when I went out to feed the ponies. There was about 7-8 inches of heavy, crusty snow on the ground and the handle on the water faucet almost had to be pried loose. I just can’t take it when it’s this warm out this early in the morning.

The weather girl sez that the rest of the week (it is Monday at this writing) it will not reach freezing for daytime highs, and lows will be mostly single digits if not slightly above. What happens in this global warming is that I seem to use a lot more propane, and the ponies seem to need a good deal more hay when the pastures are covered in a hard crust of snow. Why can’t we simply just go back to havin’ some cold weather and be done with this big warmup that seems to be the hot topic these days on the political trail?

I have had it when it comes to folks just randomly shooting other folks for no reason, or should I say, no good reason. There were the recent mall shootings by a kid that broke up with his girlfriend and just seemed to have lots of problems. He couldn’t seem to go along and get along. For Pete’s sake, he grew up watchin’ extreme violence on television, computer games and in everyday real life. All of a sudden, life has no real meaning.

What’s the use? When will someone, anyone besides our pastors, stand up and say, “LIFE HAS MEANING!” I guess I just did.

I do so enjoy the holidays but I have to admit when I hear of innocent folks getting killed by someone who has been recently disappointed or had their feelings hurt, such as the two church shootings here in Colorado. I feel all of a sudden sad, just really sad. The holiday season is a season and a reason for joy and hope for the future, and yes, I understand it is also considered to be a desperate time of year for many.

Don’t ya think that it would be wonderful if we all could just get along? Yes, I do think how wonderful it would be if we could all find more patience, compassion, understanding and benevolence towards one another, not just during the holidays, but every day. I reckon we could start with the holidays and see how far we can stretch it. I do hope that all of you can find hope and joy during this holiday season. I know it will be difficult for many of you, and to you guys, there will be better days ahead.

By the way, I had a wonderful breakfast with my friend Tom, the bee man, and Tom, thanks pard for the time together! And to the rest of you, Merry Christmas!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.


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