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Tales From the O-NO Ranch

Horses can be a lot like wimmen ”

it’s something I’ve figured out.

It took me almost a lifetime to realize

they both pack a lot of clour!

They both need lots of attention

if content they desire to be

Jest feed’um good, rub their backs,

that suits ’em to a tee.

Sometimes they get a little squirrely

and difficult to predict.

I jest go ahead with intuition

and prepare to take my licks.

Sometimes I get it wrong

Sometimes I get it right.

I know this fer sure ”

My hoss don’t care if I’m out all night.

A hoss can’t cook and clean

Or mop the kitchen floor.

And he can’t tease and flirt

and leave ya wantin’ more.

But he won’t scream and holler

and hit ya with a broom

each and every time you leave

yer underwear strewn across the room.

In them old western movies

did ya ever wonder why

the cowboy left his lady

At the gate to cry?

He rides off toward the sunset

And the woman he does ignore

and the reason he’s a leavin’s

‘Cause he left his undies on the floor.


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