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Tales from the O-NO Ranch

Another year has just jetted by and I struggle to remember all that I said or did that would merit much (if any) attention at all. It was not a banner year, as I remember years of that gender in the past. A good part of its failure to measure up for me could be of my own making.

The following poem may throw you at first, but in the end there is redemption if you grasp the full meaning of my wanderings in these verses.

Here goes:

The Common Headed Bay

The poet may struggle at times

for words of depth

And meaning that rhyme.

If his heart is restless

with pain and despair

The right words always come

and begin to repair.

Repair the broken levee

of flooding thoughts that lay so heavy.

At times, a day is just cast away,

It was normal to average,

it had nothing to say.

A day that harbours abundant joy

or a measure of despair

Will be held close and examined

with great care,

For it is that day that the poet lives

To receive the bread and water

That the day freely gives

Too soon, too many average days

are cast aside,

Like a common headed bay

that no one desires to ride.

When comes the time

that time is no longer on the poet’s side,

He looks for that common headed bay,

but he is no more there to ride

Somewhere, every day an Eagle flies

Somewhere, every day an old man dies

Today is that day, the common headed bay

Consider it with great care

And cast it not away.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion,

and I’ll c. ya.


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