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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 7-26-10

What’s buggin’ you these dog days of summer gentle readers? Is it the hot, hot weather, mosquitoes, flies, box elder bugs, flyin’ ants or politicians? Could it be all of the above?

I’ll tell ya what’s buggin’ me these days. I went out riding with my daughter and granddaughter the other day and the mosquitoes all but picked up the ponies and carried us all away. Yep, we had sprayed ourselves really good as well as the horses as there seemed to be more bugs around the corral than usual. I betcha’ we didn’t get 200 yards from the corrals before huge swarms of mosquitoes ambushed the horses trying to fly up their noses, into their eyes and ears. We just called it quits and headed back to the barn as we didn’t want to fight bugs all morning. I have never had as much of a mosquito problem out here as I have had fly problems but, as a general rule, I usually fix it with spray and fly traps.

The flies are also bad again this year but not as bad as I’ve seen in the past. Down in the old country (Texas) east of Dallas we had horse flies about the size of a small hummingbird. That’s Texas talk of course, but they were about the size of a walnut and they could drive a horse crazy if he didn’t get some relief. I have had a remuda of horses come running from the pasture up to the corral wanting somebody to help ‘um out a little. There would be blood dripping off of them from fly bites.

I will not complain about this hot weather. I griped so much and often about the long hard winter here in Northern Colorado and the cold spring that I promised I wouldn’t gripe about a long hot summer. A long hot summer is required to get lots of good hay up for the winter. I think hay may be a little cheaper this year than in the past as there is lots and lots of hay.

Hopefully this mosquito problem will go away before too much longer. I really like being outside and I just came in from watering my trees, but let me tell ya’ pilgrim, I had to come back in the house twice and put on more bug spray.

Cheyenne Frontier Days is in full swing and I hope you can swing by. I will probably jump on the Harley and run up for one day. It’s just a short 30 minute run for me. Yes, politicians are buggin’ me but I am at a loss to do much about it at this juncture. Doc Tarr is comin’ out tomorrow to vaccinate the ponies for the West Nile and I’ll rest a little easier.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.

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