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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 7-6-09

I went out to feed the ponies the other morning and was confronted by a baby Grackle. You’ve seen them I’m sure. They are a black bird a little bigger than a Robin and a good bit smaller than a crow. This bird was in the middle of the corral surrounded by three horses that were ready for their morning oats.

This was one funny lookin’ little bird. The feathers on top of his head almost stood straight up, and he was “squawkin'” like you wouldn’t believe. He was side stepping in circles, all the while looking up at the horses stepping all around him.

“Hey, ya big dummies, watch where yer walking. Can’t ya see I’m down here!” That’s what I figured he was saying by all the loud and constant squawkin’.

He sort of reminded me of most politicians. There he was in some predicament that he shouldn’t have been in. Didn’t know how he got there and couldn’t figure a way to escape, but he was directing traffic and tellin’ everybody else what to do and where to go! I gotta’ tell ya, this was comical and I got a real kick out of just watchin’ him carry on.

I finally reached down and grabbed him and then he really got loud and obnoxious. I put him up on the corral fence, and he immediately flew off to the ground on the other side where my ole dog, Clancy was lookin’ for rabbits. I knew for sure that he would be a goner as soon as the dog spotted him. Clancy made a dash towards him and for some reason pulled up, turned away and went back to his business. I reckon he just thought that little ole bird was too funny and strange looking to put in his mouth.

Did you hear about the grizzly bear that ate the cowboy cartoonist? He told the other bears, “those guys taste funny!”

Well, back to my story; I finished feeding the ponies and went about the chores of the day. Late in the evening I retired to the back deck with a glass of sweet tea and reclined in a lounge chair to enjoy that special peace and quiet that comes that time of day. Nope, I didn’t hear that little bird squawkin’ to annoy my evening. The reason I didn’t was because Clancy had stuffed that little bird into his mouth and came up on the deck to show me he was indeed takin’ care of business. It was too late. That bird had shot off his little mouth too loud for too long and it was over.

If there is a moral to this story I reckon that it is; if you are one of little experience, always shooting off yer mouth and expecting everyone to accommodate you, you’ll run out of luck sooner than later.

I hope your Fourth of July holiday was a fun time for you, and you’ll remember to check yer cinch on occasion, stay tuned and I’ll c. ya.

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