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Tales from the O-NO Ranch

What’s funny to you, my friends? As a cartoonist I tend to view the world a little differently than maybe you do. Maybe, maybe not. I have drawn some cartoons that you don’t see in this publication because they could be considered a little edgy. I thought they were hilarious; however, you, this publication and myself might not be in agreement on that.

For example: I drew this cartoon of this ole skinny kid with the long, greasy hair, all sorts of metal hangin’ off his ears, nose and lips, and he only has maybe three teeth. His arm is in a sling, his leg in a cast, and he has numerous cuts and abrasions plus two black eyes. The tee shirt he is wearing says in big, bold letters, “You don’t want me to open this can of whup-a_ _ on you!” Funny, don’t ya think?

I was in my booth at the Denver Stock Show years ago when this popular media guy comes by. He has a television spot and a radio talk show. His wife loves horses so he stops to look at my cowboy cartoons. He is by himself and knowing that he is from New York and a city boy, I doubt he will be able to grasp the full meaning of ranch funnies. He looks and looks without ever even the faintest hint of a real or fake smile. I asked him, “Tom, how do you like the work you do?”

He replied something like, “It’s acceptable, but you are always workin’ for the man.”

I pulled out the cartoon from my private stock and said, “You might enjoy this one, then.” I handed him a cartoon of a big overweight cowboy layin’ on his back with his pants down. Looking from the back you can see a cow’s head emerging from between his legs. Two cowboys are standing off in the distance looking on in horror and one says to the other, “Great Scott, let’s get out of here! It looks like the boss is fixin’ to have another cow!” Tom looks at the cartoon with a hint of disgust, hands it back to me, and turns around and slowly walks away.

Gentle readers, I think that’s a funny, funny piece of art. How many times have you said to someone, “Now, don’t go and have another cow!”

Now you know I have a big appetite for what’s funny. I do know what lines not to cross. I have never drawn anything that would be considered offensive to the common rancher or farmer or their wives and daughters, at least that is, from my point of view.

Did I pull a “laff” out of you or did you react the same way ole Tom did? I hope you “laffed.” If ya did, you’ll live longer. By the way, my big bro is a retired Baptist pastor of some 30 years and he thinks those are funny cartoons! Then again, ya know how we Baptists are …

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, and I’ll c. ya.

Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed in this column do not necessarily represent opinions of Fence Post staff members.


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