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Tales from the O-NO Ranch

I always am amazed at times and of course, always pleased, when a reader of my column takes the time to send me a card, letter or respond in some way to my ramblings. If you recall, recently I wrote my column about heroes. In that writing I mentioned that Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa county Arizona was indeed one of my most admired folks that I considered to be a hero.

Ross Heimbach of Yuma, Arizona, apparently takes the Fence Post or reads it online and what he wrote to me was, “Jack, your column on our sheriff Joe was GREAT! I sent him a copy of it and enclosed are his comments. Thought you would be interested.” Sheriff Joe was kind enough to respond to Mr. Heimbach, stating that he was glad to receive the column and the kind words and Sheriff Joe enclosed a bio of himself. In this bio I was really surprised to find that the sheriff had been employed by the Washington, D.C. police, and was a Las Vegas, Nevada, officer for five years.

As a federal narcotics agent, the sheriff established a stellar record by infiltrating drug organizations from Turkey to the Middle East and then Mexico. He was head of the DEA in Arizona for 32 years before becoming sheriff. He is on his fourth four-year term.

“The toughest sheriff in America” is what the media has labeled him. Sheriff Joe has over 3,800 folks in his employ! He has over 10,000 ” yes, 10,000 ” inmates in his jail system. In 1993 he established his Tent City in the desert for 2,000 men and women to serve out their terms. It has been a remarkable success story that has attracted the attention of folks all around the world. Sheriff Joe has been profiled in over 3,500 newspapers and magazines around the globe.

John Wayne was an actor. He made us all want to be like him … tough, and yet on occasion, with a hint of tenderness towards dogs, women and little kids. Maybe they should have made a movie about Sheriff Joe and let J.W. play the part.

No, that ain’t right. They need to make a movie about Sheriff Joe and let the sheriff play himself.

Ross, thanks for takin’ the time to share this info with me about your wonderful lawman. I just wish that our politicians could see the light that emits from this man’s service and how it’s received and maybe, just maybe a few of them would follow suit. Think so?

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.


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