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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 8-16-10

Seems to me, gentle readers, that which used to be over the top is pretty much “under the wire” now a days. Let me start way back when I was just a mere child.

First came Liberace, then Elvis, and Little Richard. They were the first “in yer face” entertainers to get on mom and dad’s radar. As kids we loved Elvis and Little Richard and watched Liberace with mild amusement. As I got a little older here comes Tiny Tim, Prince, Kiss, The Village People and then Michael Jackson and now Lady Gaga, gag me with a shovel handle!

Our “pants on the ground” style has left me wondering when overalls will make a fashion statement. I thought ol’ Junior Samples on “Hee Haw” looked very much at home in his. In the world of athletes, first there was that wrestler Gorgeous George and a host of other bad actors in that arena and yes, they have thrived and are still with us under different names. Dennis Rodman comes to mind when we think about serious athletes that are supposed to have their heads in the game where big money comes into play. Didn’t care for that clown at all. I was surprised to see him on Huckabee’s Fox news program where he pretended that he was just like the rest of us.

What about cowboys? How do they fit into all of this? If we sort out cowboy actors like Roy Rogers, Lash LaRue, Hopalong Cassidy and Zorro, we get down to rodeo cowboys. Casey Tibbs was the first to be a little flamboyant with his good looks and brassy disposition. He did a world of good for rodeo as folks came to see a good lookin’ flashy bronc rider do his thing. Larry Mahan followed suite with his flamboyant style in a fuzzy lookin’ cowboy hat. The man could ride. I remember seeing him on the “Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson and they celebrated Larry’s winning over 50 g’s that year in rodeo. Twas’ big money back then and I don’t think any of us in my generation thought any the less of those guys like that.

I’ll also mention on a smaller scale, Monty Henson, (no I won’t ’cause I don’t like the man) who always wore a tie and tried to always dismount standing up after jumpin’ off his bronc.

Now, just about anything goes in our dress and our behavior in public. I hear some of the cutest little girls dressed like whatever and using the foulest of language. Most of the time they grow out of it as it’s sometimes just a part of growing up. But then again when we observe what goes on in Washington and how some of those folks behave, makes ya wonder, don’t it?

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.

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