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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 8-17-09

As I pulled out of Fort Collins, Colo., just a mere 25 miles south of my place, behold there came into view two guys, one girl, one dog, three backpacks and a couple of bedrolls on the side of the interchange to the interstate. These folks, gentle readers, were the unwashed, grubby, hairy, holey clothed, and sad looking folks. The dog was the best lookin’ of the bunch.

Now what makes this unusual to me is that I’m on my motorcycle and the guys jump up and hold their thumbs in the air to hitch a ride. Are you kiddin’ me? Great Scott Charlie Brown what have these reprobates been smokin’ anyway? Did they actually think that I could put three more folks, one dog and all their baggage on my bike? I had to wonder about that as I sped by and received a salute as I passed.

I just happen to know that there are other folks, good folks, good hard workin’ folks that get down and dirty in their jobs, but then again they are not out thumbing a ride because they are homeless. Take a cowboy (cowgirl) any cowboy at a brandin’. When it’s all said and done most likely they will be covered in blood, snot, hair, dirt and occasional cow poop. That’s down and dirty.

Any oil field hand that’s ever worked on a work over rig or a drilling rig will tell you it is one nasty, nasty job. Been there done that and I just told ya what it’s like, down and dirty.

I never worked on a hog farm, at a sewer plant or on the killing floor of a packing plant, but I would dare to guess that you might get down and dirty at any of those jobs depending on your position.

It’s OK to be down and dirty in my books if you are doing something productive instead of just taking up space on the roadway lookin’ for someone to come along and bail you out.

Today, which is Sunday, I decided to hop on the bike and make a little run around the country side and get a whiff of the alfalfa and corn fields. I had put in some time on ole Howdy, my paint hoss yesterday, so it was “scooter” time for me today. I made a run south and then back to the west and headed home after a 30-mile ride. I ain’t makin’ this up! Here I am going down an oiled county road and what’s this I see up ahead of me. I can’t hardly believe it! … It’s the down and dirty crew! Yessiree Bob, it’s the same two guys, one dog, one girl, three back packs, two bedrolls and a partridge in a pear tree, that I had seen over a week ago on the interstate. What in the world are they doing way out here? I had to ask myself.

When they heard the thunder roar behind them they wheeled around and held out their thumbs. I passed them by and received another salute. Boy did they ever look pathetic! They were hot, dirty, grubby, tired, most likely angry and thirsty and miles from the interstate. I expect by the time they got to the interstate and in position to hold up a thumb, they couldn’t hold it up for very long.

I like down and dirty on folks that work hard to get down and dirty, but I sure don’t approve of it on young folks that just drop out of society because they would rather you do the hard work and they will just depend on your sympathy to see them through life.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.

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