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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 8-24-09

At this writing, gentle readers, it is the first day of the third week of August. It was chilly and the grass was wet this morning when I went out to run water for the steers and feed the ponies. It felt like fall. I like the fall of the year, I just don’t really want it to come in August.

This summer was a really nice summer for good grass and cooler temps, but really tough for the hay guys to put up enough of the right kind of hay. It will get hot again later on in the week and I’ll more than likely be gripping about how I wish it would just cool down a little. Mornings like this take me back a few years and over to the Western Slope.

On one of the ranches that I worked on, it was my responsibility to ride the mountain every day in the summer months after we put the cows up on top. I kept the bulls moving around the cows, checked for and doctored foot rot, pink eye and whatever malady a cow or calf could have. If I couldn’t do it a’horseback, I would move them to the closest pen and haul them back down to the headquarters to the sick pen for a hospital stay until they recovered. I loved being up on the mountain.

In the mornings when I would go down to the corral to saddle up and load up, it would be like this morning only cooler. The mountain air is always crisp early and has a certain fragrance that makes you glad you are where you are. It would take a jacket to keep me comfortable and after I got up the mountain and unloaded my pony, I would put on my chaps to help with the high mountain cool and the oak brush which was in abundance. A wild rag (silk scarf) was always in order along with a pair of gloves. After an hour or so of prowlin’, I most likely would have to remove the jacket and tie it to the back of my saddle as the high country was warming quickly from a welcome sun overhead. By the time I got through the cattle and takin’ care of business, most of the time it had really warmed up.

It appears to me that fall is coming early this year, but heck, ya never know. We could have a run of Indian summer that would carry us into November with really pleasant weather. That would be nice.

I loved being up on the mountain and bustin’ out a few bull elk or cow elk out of the aspen and oak brush when I would happen upon them lookin’ for the cows. The yellow and orange gold colors that painted the oak brush and aspen trees were truly a masterpiece that would please any troubled soul.

Well, I reckon sometime in the next few days I’ll get up on the roof and clean out the stove pipe and do a few things around here to get ready for that first really cold snap. I do hope that our fall is to your liking and our winter is not one to remember for it’s intensity.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.

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