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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 8-3-09

Am I just an ol’ fuddy duddy or what? I really think it’s time for some changes to be made, know what I mean? Not the kind of changes our president has been making, but changes of another kind. I just put down our local paper a few minutes ago and while looking through some of the ad inserts of local department stores I noticed that changes need to be made.

Do you see any real value in our young kids wearing jeans with the knees ripped out and shirt tails out and wrinkled as if they had never seen an iron? Even the shoe laces are untied and dragging along as if they were begging to be neatly tied. Fashion? Charlie Brown if this is fashion it is in extremely bad taste. I would like to see our young men pull their respective pants up. I am not interested in what color their boxers are. As for the young ladies: How about not showing off your thongs? And I’m not talkin’ about shower thongs.

It seems we hear a lot about folks not being respected. “He/she disrespected me and that’s why I called them a ##$%&#*&–#!” I ask you, what’s to respect? It appears to this ol’ cowboy that our kids have very little respect for themselves these days and most of that comes from parents to busy or too guilty for not full filling their obligations as parents. You don’t really see too many ranch-raised kids or kids off the farm that dress in that manner, or at least that’s what I have observed. Most rural kids seem to have taken on their responsibilities at a young age. That’s usually what’s required of them and they wear it well.

For changes, I would like to see some responsibility assumed by the folks that are in the fashion world to clean up their act and present our youth with a better opportunity to look and feel more responsible. You know, not so much “in your face” with their sloppy dress which is usually followed by vulgar language and a total lack of respect for old geezers like me. I would like to spank them all and send them to cow camp for a month or so where the only thing they can snort is fresh mountain air and an air of responsibility.

I know, I know, they will grow out of it. Most of them will and they, somewhere along the line, will take responsible jobs and raise families. Maybe they will tuck in their shirts, pull their pants up, turn their collars down and comb their hair and be somewhat alarmed when they hear their children toss out some cuss word or the other. Cowboys and cowgirls have a head start on life as well as our friends on the farm.

When you see the clergy, mayors of towns and legislators being hauled in to jail in “cuffs” in New Jersey for criminal acts, it makes ya glad you live in the west where our culture offers us more opportunity to get it right. It’s time, yep, it’s time for some changes and I trust it won’t be all that long.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.

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