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Tales from the O-No Ranch

Gentle readers, as I write this little column, it is the first day of May and the wind is blowin’ straight out of the north at a steady forty per and gusts of over sixty. I guarantee it!

Pete and Repeat.

That’s the little phrase that we used when I was but a mere child. We used it when someone would repeat themselves or something would happen time and time again. Pete and Repeat.

Well, this spring seems to fall into the Pete and Repeat category with this constant wind. I think we have had summer a few days back when we got into the high 70s without the big blow. If so, it was a really short summer. I know, I know, you want me to just flat out quit complainin’ about the weather, especially the wind. Oh, I forgot to mention that it’s snowing in Denver this morning and the temperature here is about 42 degrees.

“Why don’t you just shut up and move?” you ask. Hummmmm… I’ve given that a great deal of thought but then again I would just find a Pete and Repeat at that location of some definition. Plus all that, the fact of bizness is, I would miss all of those good conversations at the T Bar Inn each morning.

There again, it seems we get into the Pete and Repeat bizness each and every morning when we continue to go over the high price of gas, illegal immigration, high cost of a loaf of bread, and if Obama is indeed a Muslim or not. On rare occasion we might discuss the lack of moisture, the wind, and the cost of maintaining our standard of living, as meager as it might be.

The cow bizness is gettin’ tougher with the high price of feed but it’s nice to see grain prices creep up out of that stagnant hole that they have lived in for so very long. Pete and Repeat, ya know.

I have a hard time resolving this war in the Middle East; the war in Afghanistan I understand or at least some points of it. We can track a cow out of a herd in who knows where, and determine where she has been, but we can’t seem to find a single illegal alien or old Bin Laden.

I’ve heard it said that a moron is someone who repeats the same function over and over and expects different results. Pete and Repeat. We do that a lot, it seems, in all fabrics of our society and most of the time, nothing changes.

On the other hand, after giving this a little more thought … if we didn’t Pete and Repeat the breathin’ process we just wouldn’t have to worry at all, would we? Hmmmm, I reckon that there is a purpose and a place for Pete and Repeat.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, and I’ll c. ya. I’ll c. ya if I don’t have dirt in my eyes!


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