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Tales from the O-NO Ranch

Well children, it’s raining! Yep, sure is, it’s Memorial Day at this writing and the O-NO Ranch is getting some much needed rain. I have been needing a good rain in the same magnitude as Dubya has needed a better approval rating and Hillary is needing more delegates. I’m doin’ a little better today in my quest, I believe, than either of them in theirs.

Speaking of the weather, that’s been the main topic of conversation around our little community as of late. While havin’ coffee at the T Bar this morning, ole Animal told me he had lost the roof off his barn and was goin’ to have to reshingle his house. That ole tornado that ripped through the little city of Windsor and did so much drastic damage to so many made its way west of Wellington and stopped by Animal’s place to pick on him in passing.

I have to tell ya’ll, as a former West Texan, I have seen a few tornadoes and I know full well the damage they can do. I was watchin’ the “telly” just before the electricity went off and I watched with great interest as a news crew from the big city of Denver were filming large hailstones and what they referred to as a big “wall cloud.”

“Hummm, I said to myself, that there wall cloud appears to be spinning around so I’m thinkin’ that looks like one of those West Texas tornadoes.” It was. However I lost my power right about then and went outside to look around. It didn’t look good. A bit later the wind began to howl and it started to pepper the windows with rain. I couldn’t see nothing at all and I got a wee bit spooked.

I strapped on my motorcycle helmet, grabbed a couple of cushions off the couch and got into a small place in the hallway. Yes sir, gentle readers, I was ready for the BIG RIDE should it come along.

As luck would have it, I reckon I was a little luckier than ole Animal as I only lost part of a rain gutter off the house and one piece of sheet iron off my tack room.

Tornadoes seem to be abundant this year and they are poppin’ up everywhere and in many places that don’t expect them. I understand that over a hundred folks have lost their lives in these violent storms. Here in northern Colorado we don’t expect to see such large tornadoes as we just witnessed. I suppose that’s why it was referred to as a “wall cloud” by the news folks.

I am glad to receive whatever rain will bless this little place in this unsettled weather pattern that we are in. I’m truly sorry for those folks that lost their homes and personal belongings and of course, for the one man that lost his life. Tornadoes are scary, unpredictable and can do some unbelievable things.

Let’s all remember our folks in the service that we fully depend on to defend our country and the thousands and thousands that have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. I trust you had pleasant Memorial Day and please stay tuned and check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.