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Tales from the O-NO Ranch

I know that summer is not quite here as of today, but heck, school is out and isn’t that when summer begins for most folks?

As I write, I am waiting for two of my grandkids to arrive to spend the day with me tonight, and I’ll take them home tomorrow after we go swimming. Summer fun. You bet, I love to have my little ones come out and stay with me. They are not so little anymore, but Grandpa is teachin’ them how to drive my pickup.We don’t get out on the road, just down to the creek and back, but it’s fun for them and they are learning something.

First off, gentle readers, we will have chili dogs and ice cream or banana pudding, and then head off to the pasture to grub some cactus. Little Miss Martha and I grubbed out a good bit of it years ago and then I bought a tractor with a blade and removed a good bit of it that way.

Well, the ole John Deere has a cracked head and is out of commission at present, so it’s back to the ole grubbin’ hoes. After an hour or so of pullin’ up cactus the kids can do whatever they would enjoy. Usually that’s cartoons as they are 10 and 8 years of age.

Grandpa will fix a bean salad for dinner so they get a healthy meal this evening. If you children aren’t familiar with a Mexican bean salad, as I call it, I’ll take a second and give you the low down on how it goes. I always just take a fresh garden salad, mix it with a can of pinto beans that have been rinsed and drained and then add Fritos broken up in with it. You top that off with your favorite salad dressing and bingo, you have a great little meal.

I visited with son, Andy last night and he was telling me about his trip to Mexico with his little tribe. It seems they went somewhere down south of Cancun on the coast and rented a house for a week on the beach. Now they did have some summer fun, yessiree Bob. They also rented a car and did a lot of driving around to old ruins and what not. Being vigilant of the police, he was very careful to obey all laws so he would not have to pony up a bunch of money to satisfy some corrupt officer.

They had a fun-filled week and on their return to the airport which was about a hundred miles away, he got stopped by three policemen in one car just as he exited to head the last leg to the airport. A set up? Are you kiddin’ me? Of course it was a set up. They accused him of speeding, which he was not and knowing he was headed to the airport to catch a flight, they had him between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

He knew better than to offer a bribe so he just played along and finally they decided that maybe, just maybe he wouldn’t have to go back to the police station to pay. Why, heck, he could just pay them right there on the spot. Go figure!

He asked how much and after a little discussion between them, they came up with a figure of 900 pesos, about 90 American dollars. He paid them off and made it to the airport on time just to find his flight was delayed for about six hours.

“Dad, we had a wonderful time and met some wonderful folks, but I was so glad to get back on American soil,” Andy offered.

I do hope all of you have your summer fun this year and have it safely. There will be rodeos galore and all types of summer fun to suit yer fancy.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya. As a side bar, please, please don’t drink and drive!