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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 9-20-10

Gentle readers, you and I make investments everyday. We really do. I just returned from Wally World where I invested in broccoli and other vegetables to hopefully keep this ol’ body runnin’ as smoothly as possible. I also invested for the first time in synthetic motor oil for the old Dodge truck, and when I finish this column I’m headin’ to the garage to change my oil for the first time in a long time.

Times are tough! Folks that invested in various stocks some time back took it in the shorts. Recent fires in Colorado along the Front Range have completely reduced hundreds of beautiful homes to ashes. I would bet ya that a good many of those homes were someone’s dream home that they had heavily invested in and now, nothing. My heart goes out to those folks; I just am not sure how I would react under the same circumstances. Not too long ago I invested in a young horse that I believed would mature into a big stout, gentle horse that about anybody could ride. He is well on his way.

With this election coming up in November we will be asked to invest in certain individuals to take us into the political future. I hope and pray that we do our homework and get the right folks in office. Each morning when you walk out your door you are on your way to make an investment in something or another. It may be your job, it may be a relationship or it just may be the next purchase you make. We are always investing.

I recently had a date with a very attractive young woman who happened to be concerned about where to place her sunglasses in my old Dodge truck after we got out. “Heck, just lay ‘um up on the dashboard,” I offered. It’s carpeted with a nice cover, I’m thinking.

“Jack, how much do you think that I paid for these glasses,” she asked.

“I dunno, (knowin’ that this is a high-toned woman) I reckon maybe three hundred?”

“How about $1,500?” she shot back.

I was stunned. Who in their right mind pays $1,500 dollars for sunglasses I ask myself.

“They are studded with diamonds,” she offered.

Well, like I said this was a young pretty woman with money and she reminded me that she buys what she likes and doesn’t ask favors of anybody. I reminded her that that was good because she wouldn’t fair too well if she needed any financial help from me! Yep, when we entered the party it was obvious that she turned every head in the room because she was classy, refined, beautiful. And I’m sure 100 percent of the room was askin’ themselves, “what the heck is she doin’ with an old geezer like that!?”

I’m tellin’ myself, she was makin’ an investment!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.

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