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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 9-6-10

Of all the possible titles or monikers I may carry such as Dad, cowboy, cartoonist, columnist, humorist, I treasure “Grandpa” as the most meaningful and satisfying. I love being a grandpa.

I thought years ago that being called “grandpa” would somehow make me a grumpy old man. It had absolutely nothing to do with my current disposition. I have always loved little kids. The smaller the better. I just want to grab ‘um all up and squeeze the stuffin’s out of them.

When my grandson, Brice was three we were playin’ “hide and seek.” He hid in the front room closet and of course I knew where he was. As I crept down the hall I heard a little giggle. “I wonder what made that noise,” I said in a louder than usual voice. I heard this little reply in a soft sweet little voice, “I think it’s me, Grandpa!”

His little sister, Kailee was out at grandpa’s one summer day and I was headed over to a friend’s house to help him get rid of some of the prairie dogs that were devastating his land. “I bet we have to kill some rattlesnakes in the process,” I quipped. I felt a little tug on my pant leg and looked down into Kailee’s baby blues and blond curls as she ask, “Grandpa, can I go kill rattlesnakes with you?”

Gentle readers, it just don’t get any sweeter than that! She was only 3 years old at the time! My other four grand kiddos are of course just as sweet and cute and have blessed me with the really cute things that they have said and done over the years.

I have always loved to tease and pester little kids. Not only my own kids and grandkids but all little kids. I went into the post office this morning and there was a young mother with four little boys and one little girl.

The little girl was just a toddler. She gave me one look and shot me the biggest and cutest grin I have seen in ages. When I came out of the post office, this young woman was still getting all of her kids and whatever else organized. The little boys, ages about 2 years old to 4 were lined up like little quail.

I stopped, put my hands on my hip as the boys zeroed in on me and boasted, “Where did ya get all these little girls?” The lady looked down as if she was occupied and looked very annoyed that I should be so bold as to approach her little covey and make such a remark. She never even gave me the slightest glance. One of the little boys chimed in and said, “We’re little boys, not little girls!”

I quickly apologized and gave them a big smile and went to my truck. This woman looked as if she might be a couple of notches above my social standing and I’m purty sure my “hicksville manner” was more than apparent. “Too bad for her,” I thought as she didn’t make any attempt to get in on what I considered fun. She could have at least forced a little smile to accommodate an old cowboy, grandpa, who loves little kids. There again it might have been a really bad day for her and any joy or humor had escaped her mood.

Those were five of the cutest kids I have seen in one bunch and extremely well behaved they were. I’m glad I got to pester them just a little and for the lady, I’m sorry if in my attempt to have a little fun with yer kiddos, that I tied a knot in yer tail.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, love yer little darlings and pray that you too some day can be called “grandma and grandpa.” I’ll c. ya.

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