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Tales from the O-NO Ranch: The rule of law

by “Mad” Jack Hanks

Wellington, Colo.

Here at the O-NO Ranch, the rule of law is that we pay our taxes, try not to be a problem for any of our neighbors and keep our fences in good repair and our dog at home. We keep our place neat and occasionally I stop and pick up garbage out of the ditch that some no-good lazy yahoo has dumped by the roadside. That is just plain ole common sense I would hope everybody would have.

The Supremes (our supreme court) apparently does not possess common sense any more ” if they ever did in the first place. I read where the Supremes have decided that the rule of law requires them to allow virtual kiddy porn on the Internet. If I understand what I read, and I believe that I do, if it is not a real child that is being abused and molested, then it just never really happened at all. No harm, no foul!

Really? I understand that in virtual reality that the people are so real and lifelike that it’s extremely difficult to tell if they are real or in fact a reproduction.

Gentle readers, this really bums me out. I see our rights as law-abiding citizens, taxpayers, and seekers of things that are good for the good of the whole, slowly drifting away like sand in the hour glass. It is and has been for many, many years, that the evildoers are the ones that we go to the extremes to protect. WHY? What do they contribute for the good of the whole? Absolutely nada, NOTHING! You and I are left holding the bag and wondering if this rule of law will ever change to the point that it begins to resemble common sense.

Somewhere a pervert will view this trash and go out and harm someone’s child because he has been so inspired to do so simply because the greatest court in the land has given him the opportunity to have access to such filth. The folks that produce this kind of garbage have no qualms about making it available if the greatest court in the land gives them the go ahead.

We are supposed to be a nation of intelligent, educated and God-fearing folks. Sure don’t seem that way does it? It sounds as if we have taken leave of our senses when we allow our country to operate in such a dreadful manner. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of respect for women and children nowadays as there was only a few years ago.

The Supremes need a cowboy education. They need to learn how to think like a cowboy thinks and me thinks we would solve many of our problems instead of creating more of them. Someday, sometime, we will reach our saturation point and we will stand up and cry, “Enough is enough!” I hope that we are not too far from reaching our limit of stupidity and nonsense. Don’t you?

We need to cowboy up and voice our opinions each and every time we get ambushed by issues such as this one. It’s crazy to think that our society can survive while trying to swim our way out of the slime and muck that we have wandered into up to our necks because we just let such things pass without comment. You have read mine, what are yours?

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll C.ya!


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