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Tales from the O-NO Ranch: What’s next?

by “Mad” Jack Hanks

Wellington, Colo.

Well, gentle readers, it appears that at this writing of April 5 ole I.R. Fat and his band of yahoos have found themselves in a mess of trouble there in the Middle East. Looks like that whole deal could erupt into a real melee involving a bunch of different folks.

Makes ya wonder if there is ever, ever gonna be peace in that part of the world. Hate is a powerful thing and there seems to be an awful lot of it on both sides of the battle lines.

We are being held hostage by our addiction to cheap oil because of our use of so much petroleum. I suppose that there will be some sort of negotiations that will ease tensions for a spell and then, again, it could really erupt into a long drawn out series of conflicts that will cause us all to suffer in some way or another. It does need to get settled one way or another.

Me thinks we need to gather up ole I.R. Fat and Saddam and find a remote island to put the two of them on where they have absolutely no influence on anyone but themselves. Boy, that would be something to just listen to each of them boasting about their prowess to the other. They are, in my book, a couple of sad, sad, characters that have caused a great deal of misery in their pitiful lives.

On the other hand, if we gathered up all the folks that have caused the world misery at one time or another, we probably couldn’t find an island large enough to put them all on.

Should you want me to depress you a little more, let me tell you how dry it is here at the O-NO Ranch. Here it is the first week in April and I have not seen the first robin as of yet. They ain’t stupid. They know that if there ain’t no water, there ain’t gonna be any worms.

I took a little stroll through the horse pasture yesterday and found only a very few sprigs of green grass that had the courage to peek at the sun. The ole dog leaves a cloud of dust behind her when she takes her little stroll out through the pasture each evening.

I had high hopes that this year would start off in a way that would make our hearts sing a little bit. Right now I’m singin’ the blues the way things are shaping up and getting a little more depressed with each passing day.

I had to feed my horses most of last summer to make room for a few steers, and they didn’t get to stay the full season. I will have to go and buy more hay here in a few weeks if we don’t get one of those ole wet, cool spells that wants to hang around for a couple of weeks. I would embrace a situation like that the same way I would embrace a lost child.

I hope yer country is in better shape than ours. I hope things settle down over in that war zone. It makes ya wonder, what’s next?

I guess I could get the Bible out and read about ole Job and maybe that would make me feel like things weren’t so bad, but then again it might make me consider the fact that things could get a whole lot worse.

I’ll leave you with the idea that I still have a positive attitude about what’s next, but I won’t make any predictions whatsoever. I’ve been there, done that and learned my lesson!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll C. ya.


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