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Tales from the ONO Ranch

An inch is as good as a mile

Sadly, gentle readers, a young bull rider from Brazil was killed a few days back when his bull stepped on him. Amadeu Silva, a young twenty two year old, got hung up and fell beneath his bull and was fatally stepped on. I couldn’t count the times I’ve watched bull riders come within an inch or two of being smashed or stepped on by their bull. It happens all the time. Scary stuff, I tell ya. I love watching rodeo and saddle bronc riding is my favorite because in my fantasy world, I could have been a pretty fair bronc rider. Not so! I am always fearful that a bronc rider will get bucked off, hang upside down and get his or her brains kicked out. It hasn’t happened as of yet, but I have seen it within an inch or two.

I saw on the news yesterday where this woman and her daughter got caught in a crossfire of rival gangs there in Denver and they took a round right through the passenger door.

The bullet lodged in the seat just an inch or two from the daughter. Had it not, it would have penetrated her right side just under her arm. As a lad I was walking through our garden carrying a small metal water tub to take care of my pony. I heard the rattler and jumped just as he struck. He missed me by inches and that was as good as a mile. Scared the “T Waddling Tar” out of me and I managed to grad a hoe there in the garden and kill him.

I believe I was ten at the time.

Of course, we know “an inch is as good as a mile,” does not fit every situation. Take hand grenades for instance or land mines or any explosive and that formula just won’t hold water.

If your mother in law, or let’s say your boss decides you need a good verbal thrashing, an inch isn’t gonna’ get it. A mile maybe, but not an inch. What if you get bucked off and you avoid a pile of rocks but land in a patch of cacti? What about that? I could go on and on and really not get anywhere with all of this. I did want to mention the young bull rider as he was high in the rankings and was so young. However, there were who knows how many other folks killed that day in various accidents all over the country. We don’t hear about all of those as that is considered “life happens”. I often wonder about the next bull rider up after such a tragic accident…what’s going through his mind. If it were me I would most likely crawl out of the chute, have them turn out my bull and let folks label me as they wished. I call it having enough fear, sometimes called, “common sense”, to take a day off and think it over.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, don’t be afraid to “turn’em out” and I’ll c. y’all, all



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