Mad Jack Hanks
Tales from the ONO Ranch, Wellington, Colo.

Chris Stapleton, country western artist, has a new song I really like, gentle readers, called Starting Over. It not only is well written but has a really good beat to it. I turn it up each time I hear it played. I love music that makes you pay attention. There is a good message to the song as well. It also falls in line with my subject matter in this column written on Veteran’s Day. And by the way, let me say thank you to all who have served. My buddies bought my breakfast this morning at the sale barn because I am a veteran.

A reader of this column, Jeb, sent me a nice email today but I was lightly reprimanded for folding my cards too quickly in this past election. And I believe he was right as rain for doing so. In today’s news on One American News they laid out Mr. Trump’s avenue for winning if things continue to go as they are and by golly, they look pretty good! Starting over! I do have a little more spring in my step today more than I had yesterday so I am encouraged. Thank you Jeb, and all the folks that read this column, and write to me to compliment me or help me see the light. Starting over.

Here is Colorado the “virus” is kicking butt or so the media says. Interesting I say. I just can’t for the life of me keep from wondering if they even have a clue about all of this. I thought that wearing a mask and keeping our distance was the “end all” to this disaster we all have been putting up with. I reckon that is not the answer as everywhere I go folks are runnin’ around faithfully wearing their mask and trying to keep their distance. The end result? Wow, what’s that you say? The virus is as bad now as it was when it was at it’s worst. Go figure. Starting over. It appears that there may be a vaccine available to us in the near future. Will I take it? Hummm, I’m not sure as I’ve gotten along pretty well without wearing a mask unless pressured to do so.

I want to say to the folks that voted to reintroduce wolves to Colorado, can we sign you up to drop off the first pack in your neighborhood? What! Why not? I thought you wanted to have them around to make you feel warm, fuzzy and afraid! Zoweeee! I will not be able to give you a hug if and when I see you. Nothing personal. I have been reading about the Grizzly bear problem in Montanna. Seems like those ranchers are faced with the general problem as us. Folks there want the bears, they just want the ranchers to have to deal with them. How thoughtful of them! Seems like the Division of Wildlife just can’t seem to get their act together. Truth is, there are too many politicians and “tree huggers” that want the ranchers gone. Gone for good. Starting over.

I would like to start over with Mr. Trump back in charge of this country and we will just deal with the fall out of it all.

I certainly hope y’all can have a decent Thanksgiving regardless of folks trying to limit the number of folks you can have in your house here in AMERICA. I also hope a wolf or a bear doesn’t get to your turkey or ham before you do.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and remember this is still YOUR LAND AND OUR COUNTRY, and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.


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