Taxation without transportation |

Taxation without transportation

Hannie Wolf
Albion, Neb.

When it comes to public transportation in the developed countries, the United States lags far behind.

I recently learned that our government has a plan that will bring high-speed trains to our country. I was elated until I studied the map of the future train service and noted that middle America was totally left out.

I remember a time not long ago when we had access to rail, bus and air service not far from home. Today automobiles are our only mode of transportation. The nearest airports are many miles away. Freight trains have priority over passenger trains, and the only buses we see on our highways are tour buses.

As tax payers I believe it’s time we hold our own Boston Tea Party. We don’t drink a lot of tea in our part of the world, but we have tons of grain we could dump all over the heartland of America.

Such action would drastically transform our landscape. Henceforth, the Great Plain States would be known as the Grain Mountain States.

Tourists from all over the world might want to have a look at our latest man-made wonder. Think of all the money it would bring to our country. We could give some of it to China as a down payment for the money we owe them!