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Terrace Maintenance Field Day planned Aug. 27

Why have those terraces on that steep land if you aren’t going to keep them?

They can’t do their job if you don’t treat them right.

We haven’t had a terracing field day in years, but we are hoping to change that with one on Thursday, August 27, at 5:30 p.m. The location has yet to be determined but it will be in the north-central or northeast part of Barton County, Kan.

We hope to have several different pieces of equipment in the field. Several agronomists and agricultural engineers from K-State will be out to show the proper channel depth and shape. One of these will be Morgan Powell, who has been at K-State for a lot of years (longer than me) and will be retiring soon.

We would like to get a head count for our meal so please call the extension office at (620) 793-1910.

If you farm terraced land or own land with terraces and waterways, you need to be there. The Barton County Conservation District and NRCS will be co-hosting with us.

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