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Terri Schlichenmeyer: The Bookworm Sez 2-7-11

Watching your favorite sports team in action is one of the best things in the world.

You love every scoop, every run, shot, bounce, and score. Sometimes, you get so excited and yell so loud that you forget they can’t hear you. And you’re favorite player? It would be so cool to hang out with him for awhile.

So why not have the next best thing? Grab “Sports Illustrated Kids: All Access” and get some awesome behind-the-scenes, back-room, up-close peeks at all the most popular sports.

As much as you possibly can, you catch your team in action on TV or maybe in person. You know your favorite players by their jerseys, positions, or maybe by height or team colors. But could you high-five Shaq? Or compare the size of your shoe to Chris Paul’s? You can, if you read this book.

Because you’re a big fan, you know what a field looks like. You’ve seen footage of a diamond on TV. Maybe you’ve even visited a rink or you might own your own snowboard. But have you ever seen the inside – the real, whole inside – of a baseball locker room or the heart of a NASCAR transporter? You’ll find both of those, as well as a look at the minute-by-minute transformation of a stadium from hockey to basketball, all in this book.

When the players on your team put on their uniforms, what do you suppose it all means? For instance, why does a football player pack on the padding? What’s inside a baseball that makes it fly so fast? How do they choose the wood to make baseball bats? Is the bat you buy at the store the same bat that Derek Jeter plays with? And what’s behind those colorful paintings on a hockey mask, anyhow?

Read this book, and you’ll find out why The Rock drives an hour just to work out. You’ll see what Rob Dyrdek does for fun (hint: his entire job is having fun!). You’ll see where the best candy “store” in the world is hidden. You’ll get a peek at Hannah Teter’s snowboard collection. And you’ll find out why Ernie Sims’ mother never goes into his bedroom without a big stick!

Like almost every other book you’ll find from the SI folks, “Sports Illustrated Kids: All Access” is jam-packed with information and pictures that will make a young sports nut smile. The five major pro sports (football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and NASCAR) are covered, as well as a few that are less-watched but are no less popular.

The surprising thing I noticed, though, is the lack of female representation here: just two women are mentioned; one of them, barely. It’s true that few women have made inroads in the kinds of pro sports covered by this book but – particularly for athletic, sports-loving girls looking for inspiration – the omission is glaring.

For a 7-to-12-year-old sports-minded boy, “Sports Illustrated Kids: All Access” will be his favorite new book. For girls of the same age, though, this book drops the ball.

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