The 2017 WNFR back numbers are out, but one is missing for an emotional reason |

The 2017 WNFR back numbers are out, but one is missing for an emotional reason

Responses to WNFR not issuing number 58 for the 2017 Rodeo

Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association

The 2017 Wrangler Nationals Finals Rodeo is December 7-16, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV and this year number 58 will not be among the assigned contestant back numbers. Instead, the number will remain absent as a tribute to the 58 men and women killed at the deadly shooting on October 1st at the Route 91 Harvest festival, a three-day country music concert in the same city.

The 2017 Official NFR Experience back numbers are out, but don't expect to see number 58 among the 120 competitors. MORE:

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“In coordination with Las Vegas Events, we have decided not to issue the number 58 as a way to pay our respects to the victims of this tragedy,” said PRCA Chief Operating Officer, Aaron Enget.

The tribute has been very well received by rodeo contestants and fans alike.

The 2017 NFR back numbers are as follows:



1Tuf Cooper
2Tim O’Connell
3Trevor Brazile
4Jacobs Crawley
5Tiany Schuster
6Sage Kimzey
7Zeke Thurston
8Ty Erickson
9Caleb Smidt
10Garrett Smith
11Stevi Hillman
12Junior Nogueira
13Ryle Smith
14Kaleb Driggers
15Erich Rogers
16Tanner Aus
17Cory Petska
18Russell Cardoza
19Clayton Biglow
20Shane Hanchey
21CoBurn Bradshaw
22Luke Brown
23Paul Eaves
24Marcos Costa
25Clay Smith
26Billie Jack Saebens
27Cody DeMoss
28Jake Long
29Tyler Pearson
30Olin Hannum
31Dakota Eldridge
32J.R. Vezain
33Wyatt Denny
34Tyson Durfey
35Caleb Bennett
36Brody Cress
37Tyler Waguespack
38Coleman Proctor
39Jake Brown
40Hardy Braden
41Amberleigh Moore
42Jake Vold
43Marty Yates
44Richmond Champion
45Joe Frost
46Layton Green
47Travis Graves
48Scott Guenthner
49Baylor Roche
50Orin Larsen
51Sterling Crawley
52Brady Minor
53Riley Minor
54Taci Bettis
55Ryder Wright
56Cody Snow
57Ryan Jarrett
59Bill Tutor
60Ty Wallace
61Matt Shiozawa
62Hailey Kinsel
63Steven Dent
64Chad Masters
65Trey Benton III
66Jake Wright
67Wesley Thorp
68R.C. Landingham
69Tim Bingham
70Ty Breuer
71Heith DeMoss
72Dustin Bird
73Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi
74Cole Melancon
75Taos Muncy
76Randall Carlisle
77J.C. Malone
78Mason Clements
79Timber Moore
80Cade Swor
81Cooper Martin
82Tillar Murray
83Cory Solomon
84Clay Elliott
85Tanner Milan
86Nellie Miller
87Joseph Harrison
88Clay Tryan
89Jade Corkill
90Nick Guy
91Jordan Spears
92Tom Richards
93Kathy Grimes
94Jr. Dees
95Sydni Blanchard
96Kyle Irwin
97Tyler McKnight
98Dustin Bowen
99Dustin Egusquiza
100Jake Minor
101Garrett Rogers
102Charly Crawford
103Audy Reed
104Jon Ragatz
105Kellie Collier
106Jordan Hansen
107Jesse Wright
108J.D. Struxness
109Lisa Lockhart
110Roscoe Jarboe
111Jeremy Buhler
112Trevor Reiste
113Kory Koontz
114Rowdy Parrott
115Chason Floyd
116Guthrie Murray
117Ivy Conrado
118Brennon Eldred
119Boudreaux Campbell
120Kimmie Wall
121Kassie Mowry

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