The 37th Annual Prestigious NILE Red Angus Sale |

The 37th Annual Prestigious NILE Red Angus Sale

Coby Guenzler, a young producer from Hot Springs, MT, offered several high quality lots.

TFP Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: Oct. 18, 2019

Location: Pine Coulee Bull Sale Arena, Montana Pavilion Metra Park, Billings, Mont.

Auctioneer: Kyle Shobe


33 Heifer Calves Average $3,065

17 Bred Heifers Average $3509

2 Embryo Packages Average $1,125

Semen Total $4360

Sale highlights:

• Lot 11 at $5750, ANGELO FIREFLY 8054, DOB 2/22/18, REG#3967659, BROWN PACESETTER Y7170 x ANGELO FIREFLY 6024, sold to C-T Red Angus & Klompein Red Angus, Manhattan, MT

• Lot 44 at $5500, RAISLAND ERICA 816-218, DOB 1/14/18, REG#3941055, PIE JUST RIGHT 540 x CAWLFIELD ERICA 218-6116, sold to Lucht Red Angus, Bozeman, MT

• Lot 25 at $5250, HRR Blockana 966, DOB 3/9/19, REG#4123046, RED FLYING K MAX 159Y x HRR BLOCKANA 013, sold to Redland Red Angus, Hysham, MT

• Lot 28 at $5000, DKK IMPRESS 8152, DOB 2/21/2018, REG#3906207, PIE ONE OF A KIND 510 x DKK IMPRESS 524, sold to George Murdock, Pendleton, OR

• Lot 2 at $4500, CLARK MARY 1123-1910, DOB 2/10/19, REG#4124616, RREDS SENECA 731C x CLARK MARY 9126-1123, sold to Bullis Creek Ranch, Wood Lake, NE

• Lot 19 at at $4500, C-T MARIGOLD 9062, DOB 2/2/2019, REG#412040, RREDS SENECA 731C x C-T MARIGOLD 3041, sold to Lucht Red Angus, Bozeman, MT


A large crowd was on hand for The 37th Annual Prestigious NILE Red Angus Sale Oct. 18, 2019, with active bidding throughout the entire sale. There was a high demand for the quality offered from both Montana Red Angus producers and out of state buyers. Congratulations on a successful sale.


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