The Beginnings of Colorado’s First Adult Precision Mounted Drill Team |

The Beginnings of Colorado’s First Adult Precision Mounted Drill Team

Colorado Crusaders Equestrian Team

So many of us find ourselves at a point in our lives where we know that we love our horses, but we don’t know where to go next with them. There has to be something out there for adults to do with their horses that doesn’t involve politics, ridiculous amounts of money, or way too much time. In 2010, a group of us decided that it was high time for an affordable, fun, adult riding club to be created. That’s how Crusaders Equestrian Team was born.

The Crusaders Equestrian Team is the only established adult precision mounted drill team in the state of Colorado. We are unique to most other drill teams in that we not only participate in the nationally recognized sport of equestrian drill, but we also play an active role in our communities by donating our time to various non-profit functions throughout the state. These include Western Wishes Organization, Mount Saint Vincent’s Children’s Home, and Fallen Saints for families of fallen soldiers. We honor our Military Veterans and community servants in law enforcement by riding a drill that is a tribute to the Troops.

We believe in a team effort, and ultimately we just want to have fun with our horses! Drill team is an exceptional sport in that it allows horse and rider to come together with a team that learns to rely on one another in the arena for perfect timing and precision. Just like any other sport, equestrian drill team does not come without the need for practice and commitment. Hard work and practice with our fellow riders is what will make or break us. We believe in our cause, and we believe we can build a team that is not only the first, but is the best. With the right people, and the drive to continue this wonderful organization that we have started, we will succeed both in and out of the arena.

To ride with us, support us, or to find out more about the Colorado Crusaders Equestrian Team, please attend our local recruitment meeting or call us. We look forward to riding with you!

Meeting Details:

Colorado Crusaders Equestrian Team

Meeting Date: 03/07/2011

Place: Lonestar Steakhouse, Private Party Room, 305 Pavilions Pl, Brighton, Colo., 80601

Time: 7 p.m.

Contact: (303)-654-0504 or for additional information.

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