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The Bookworm Sez 10-11-10

Right about now, your head hurts.

You’ve been in school for awhile, learning new math formulas, weird experiments in science, and things that happened when Grandma was your age. That’s cool stuff, but your brain is cramped. You don’t know if you can fit much more into it.

Why not try? Seriously, you won’t mind when you read “That’s Awesome! The World’s Most Amazing Facts and Records” by the people at Time for Kids. It’s like a mini-vacation for your brain.

So you say you’re fascinated by what you’re learning in science class. Page through this book and read about snakes that are longer than your classroom and can eat an entire sheep whole (probably a kid, too!). You’ll learn that there were dinosaurs that weighed less than a tiny lapdog. And you’ll see that what you flush down the toilet may contain an answer to battery life and less pollution.

Or maybe you’re a math wizard. Then check this out: right now, there are 10 quintillion bugs walking around on Earth. That’s 10 with 18 zeroes behind it, in case you were wondering. You may be interested to learn that a giant tortoise zips along at one-fifth mph, which means he needs most of an afternoon to walk a mile.

Perhaps you like recess or gym the best. Then you’ll love reading about different countries that “go crazy” over different sports. Japan loves their Sumo wrestlers. China adores table tennis players. But if those don’t sound so good to you, you can always learn Quidditch (really!) or toe wrestling or maybe dueling with cardboard tubes. You could also ask if it’s OK to go BASE jumping from buildings, antennas, bridges and cliffs, but Mom’s probably going to say “no”.

You might be a kid who’s interested in technology. If that’s you, you’ll love learning about FLOPS and teensy doll-house-sized working TVs. Maybe you’re thinking about a part-time job someday, and being a chocolate taster or an alligator hunter or a GumBuster all sound like great work. Or maybe you like tall buildings …

Don’t know what you like best about school? Well, give your head a minute: on average, your brain thinks 70,000 thoughts a day. It might be thinking one right now!

No matter how long school has been in session, your child may be suffering from mid-semester slump. That’s why the timing for this book couldn’t be better: “That’s Awesome!” is one of those fun, informative, I-didn’t-know-that diversions that are practically meant to get kids revved up to learn.

Filled with full-color pictures and lots of info-bites on more than a dozen topics, this book is a browser’s dream. There’s something for every child’s interest, and every page gives them just enough to spark their curiosity and make them want more. Young readers will barely know they’re learning, and I like that.

Perfect for kids ages 9 and up, this book is made for sharing. If you’ve got a kid who needs a reading boost, “That’s Awesome!” may help them get a-head.

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