The Bookworm Sez 11-15-10 |

The Bookworm Sez 11-15-10

You almost drove your mother crazy.

When you were really little, you always asked “Why?” about everything. Mom would say you couldn’t do something and you’d ask “Why?” She’d tell you to eat your breakfast and you’d say “Why?”

Time to take a bath. “Why?”

Leave the dog alone. “Why?”

Time for bed. “Why?”

Little kids ask that a lot, but you’re a big kid now. You don’t need Mom to explain things because you can learn all by yourself. Just read “Time for Kids Big Book of Why.”

Even though you don’t bug Mom any more with silly Why Questions, that doesn’t mean you don’t have ’em. For instance, maybe you’ve wondered why people in Antarctica aren’t upside down. The truth is that they are upside down, but there’s a scientific reason why they don’t feel like they are.

You probably already know that diamonds are rare and expensive, but do you know why? It’s because only 350 tons of the gems have been mined – EVER.

Why do your eyelids twitch sometimes and why do you have gunk in the corners of your eyes when you wake up in the morning? You’ll learn why in this book. And did you know that you blink about once every five seconds but infants blink about once a minute? Speaking of waking up, why do you have to sleep in the first place?

So you say you love sports, huh? You’ll be glad to learn why you didn’t play ball with the Mayans (Hint: it could have gotten you killed!). Why does science have anything to do with snowboarding? Why, oh why, is fishing called angling?

In this book, you’ll learn about one-armed pro athletes. You’ll find out about Harry Potter and Dr. Seuss. Read this book and find out why there is no lead in pencils and why an eraser works. You’ll learn that water is not wet, why you have a belly button, and why some people are hairier than others. You’ll read about code-talkers, secret railroads to Canada, and why you should never touch lava. Find out why you can’t visit the deepest part of the world, and more.

Why? Well, why not?

Right about this time of year, most children’s attention spans are probably focused on All Things Holiday. So why not entice them to stay the course and keep their reading skills updated with a little bit of fun?

“Time For Kids Big Book of Why” is learning disguised as light reading, but with lots of pictures. Grouped into 10 main topics, each segment includes dozens of fascinating factlets that will appeal to any kid’s interest, there’s a nice bibliography for the curious, and the helpful glossary makes comprehension easy. I like books like this because they grab a kid’s curiosity, which makes them want to read even more.

Meant for mid-elementary-to-middle-schoolers, “Time For Kids Big Book of Why” practically begs to be browsed by children of any age. Pick it up before the holidays. Your kids will be crazy over it.

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