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The Bookworm Sez 12-13-10

You’ve had many Christmases. Some were good, some were bad, most were memorable – for a year or two.

Then there was that one special Christmas …

You might have been a kid or a kid-at-heart. Maybe you got the gift you wanted more than anything, ever, or you might have made somebody else’s most fervent dream come true. And then again, perhaps a wrapped-up gift wasn’t what made that Christmas the one you cherish more than all others.

In the new audiobook “Call Me Mrs. Miracle” by Debbie Macomber, there were lots of memories made for Holly Larson and her family that one year. And, like the First Christmas, it was all about a little boy.

Jake Finley was in big trouble. As heir-apparent and manager of New York’s last remaining family-owned department store, Jake purchased 500 robot toys to stock for the Christmas season. The toy would be hot. It was a good idea, a great gamble.

His father, the owner of the store, thought otherwise.

But Jake saw a new fad and he knew the expensive toy would sell. Even that odd new clerk, Mrs. Merkle (whose name tag mistakenly said “Emily Miracle”), was excited about Intellytron. Jake assured his father that everything would be fine and that the store would have a prosperous holiday with the toy, but ever since Jake’s sister and mother were killed at Christmastime many years ago, Jake’s father disliked the holiday in all forms. For him, Christmas was best avoided.

Life for Holly Larson used to be easy: She worked (usually overtime), came home, and did it all again the next day. But then her widowed brother went overseas to war, leaving his 8-year-old son, Gabe, in Holly’s care.

For a single woman, it was a big adjustment, but Holly came to love Gabe and she was sure he was doing well, all things considered. Leaving your home and your school, no matter how temporary, couldn’t be easy for a kid; it was an adjustment for him, too. To help, Holly vowed that Gabe’s first Christmas without his dad would be a good one, no matter what.

But when Gabe’s wish list consisted of two things – both just out of reach of Holly’s pocketbook – she knew it would take a miracle to have a good holiday.

Fortunately, there was one over at Finley’s Department Store …

Feeling definitely stressed, pressed, and Bah-Humbug-ish? Maybe it’s time to give a listen to “Call Me Mrs. Miracle” and get a little pre-Christmas jump-start.

For many Yuletides now, author Debbie Macomber has gifted her fans with a Christmas romance. This one, like the others, is chaste, completely lacking “bad” words, and contains a boy-meets-girl-meets-problem with a typical happy ending. Bonus: Its breezy, gently-uncomplicated plotline means you can concentrate on your to-dos while listening to the story.

If you need a nice diversion while running holiday errands, or if you’ve got a She-Who-Has-Everything on your gift list, look for this cute, enjoyable audiobook. “Call Me Mrs. Miracle” is perfect for this special time of year.

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