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The Bookworm Sez 12-7-09

Your mother thinks she can remember the color of her refrigerator, but she’s not really sure. Before you were born, she knew … but ever since you’ve been old enough to pick up a crayon, that fridge has been covered by your very best work.

You love to draw, paint, color and sketch. Art is your favorite subject in school, and you’ve been told that you’re a creative person. But what do you really know about art? What do you know about other artists? Learn more in the new and very cool “Children’s Book of Art.”

Long ago, even before the Egyptians built pyramids, humans were painting and scratching artwork onto the walls of caves and on rocks. Archaeologists don’t know exactly whether the huge (some, over 17 feet long) artwork depicted a hunt or if it was meant to symbolize something else, but they think the paintings and scratchings were made nearly 15,000 years ago.

But art, as you know, isn’t just painting or scratchwork. Anyone can make art with pen or pencil, clay, camera, plastic recyclables, or little pieces of glass. Artwork can be sad, happy, or angry. It can be colorful or not. You can use your imagination or you can be realistic.

For instance, let’s say you want to create artwork to represent something outside your window. You can make a fresco, which is an old way of painting with plaster. You can use green and brown shades, or you can use wild colors. You can ask a grown-up to break some glass or tile and make a mosaic, or you can paint like Leonardo da Vinci. If you’re the artist, it’s all up to you!

Have you ever visited an art gallery? Whether you have or not, you’re probably familiar with lots of famous paintings and artwork; you see art in magazines and TV all the time. But did you know that art can represent history and culture? Did you know that art can show you how people lived, played, and fought?

Best of all, did you know that art isn’t just for fancy galleries? Yep, if you’ve got a few comic books or manga laying around your bedroom, you own art!

Don’t know much about art, but know what you like? Me, too, and I like this book.

“Children’s Book of Art” is a broad overview of art in many forms, from ancient cave paintings through modern art and the most expensive piece of contemporary work you can buy (assuming you have $75 million lying around).

Your child will find hundreds of reproductions and pictures of artwork, including basic explanations for each style, how art is made (and how your kids can try it at home), examples of art and culture, and biographies of influential and notable artists and creators.

If you’ve got a budding artiste in the house, or if your children (or you!) are becoming interested in the Old Masters, pick up “Children’s Book of Art.” For anyone ages 8 and up, you can color this book fantastic.

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