The Bookworm Sez 6-13-11 |

The Bookworm Sez 6-13-11

Terri Schlichenmeyer
LaCrosse, Wis.

Superman is not so super.

Oh, sure, he can leap over buildings, but does he give horseback rides? He can stop trains, but can he stop your sister from bugging you? The answer is probably no to both questions.

Really, come to think about it, Spiderman is just another guy on the web and the Hulk is a hunk of green compared to the real hero in your life. When you read “My Dad, My Hero” by Ethan Long, you’ll definitely agree …

Yes, it’s true. Your dad is a pretty great guy. He’s funny and smart, but he’s not

a superhero like the ones in the comic books. He can’t jump over buildings; in fact, he probably trips on your toys now and then.

He likes to pretend that he has all kinds of muscles, but there are times

when you’re much stronger than he is. For sure, even Mom is sometimes stronger than Dad.

Fortunately, your dad can’t see through walls. Imagine what kind of trouble you’d be in if he could …

He’s a fast runner, but he’s not like the guys in the movies who are just a blur when they move. Your dad isn’t made of steel or plastic, he’s not taller than just about everybody, and his hands don’t transform into guns, tanks or big claws. He doesn’t become a snarly monster when he’s mad, there are no webs coming out of his wrists, and he doesn’t get his messages from a light in the night sky. There’s no fancy car in his garage and no laboratory in the basement.

You have to admit that Dad can climb trees and walls. He’s good at that, but he can’t fly. He learned that the hard way when he fell off a ladder.

So what good is your dad, anyhow?

Well, he makes you laugh. He fixes things and he spends time with you. He teaches you lots of fun things, lets you help him with his chores, and he lets you win at your favorite game.

And – if you ask nicely – your favorite hero (Dad) will read this book to you.

Go to any bookstore or library, and you’ll find thousands of books about kids and their moms and the things they do together. Isn’t it time to bring home a book for the other side of the family?

With illustrations that will make kids giggle, spare narrative that moves the story along very well, and a sentiment that all comic book fans will understand, author Ethan Long at first seems to make fathers look like zeroes more than heroes.

Ah, but faster than a speeding bullet, Long brings this story around to a wonderful, heartwarming and happy conclusion. That will make every child know who the real champion is, and it will make every father feel bulletproof.

Whether you’re a little kid or just one in Daddy’s eyes, this book is a definite delight. If you’re looking for a cute way to celebrate Father’s Day, “My Dad, My Hero” is just super.