The Cookie Plate Christmas |

The Cookie Plate Christmas

Years after my Mother had died, my sister started my collection of Christmas China. The rest of my family was unaware that I had even begun this collection. It was a wonderful tradition that we still continue.

One year, when it was close to Christmas, I went and priced pieces of our “Holiday” Christmas China. After carefully looking at all of the pieces, I knew I would really like to have the Cookie Plate. When I looked at the price ” $300 ” I knew it would never be a possibility.

When we were driving back home, I told my husband about the Christmas China. He agreed with me that the $300 Cookie Plate would never even be a MAYBE.

When I arrived home, I had a message from my Father to call him. I returned his call. He said that he had found something of my Mother’s he thought I might like to have. (My Mother had died 10 years before).

The next day, I went by my Father’s to see what he had found. When I unwrapped my present in the gift bag, I was speechless. It was the COOKIE PLATE to my Holiday Christmas China. Even more amazing was the fact that this was the ONLY piece of Christmas China that my Mother owned. We had all forgotten it even existed!

So, even though my Mother had died 10 years before, I still received a wonderful present from both of my parents. We always call that special Christmas the “Cookie Plate Christmas!”


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