In a way, gentle readers, this is the end of an era. By that I mean that this year’s calendar will be the last one. Yep, my contract was voided a year early by the advertising company that has produced the Hoots calendar for the last 25 years. In my contract they have the option to drop out at any time if the calendar is not an asset. As a matter of fact they dropped their complete calendar line as sales are slow. Everyone has a calendar on their phone and times are a’changin’. These folks have really been good to me all of these years and I am not upset that they are going out of the calendar business. In fact, they have another company that does some printing work for them that wants to pick up the “Hoots” calendar and go on with it as they think it would be a good deal not only for them but for me as well. I’m not wanting to take on new obligations as I don’t have the energy that I once had when I was a younger man. I never thought that as someone who had no art training and never really applied myself to further education along that line would achieve what I have these past 30 years.

I don’t know if you are aware of it or not, but my Hoot’s calendar replaced the famous calendar, Cowpokes, by Ace Reid. This company did Cowpokes for twenty some odd years until the passing of Ace. His wife wanted a larger cut of the pie and all of his art work would have already been seen, so they dropped Cowpokes and gave birth to Mad Jack’s “Hoots from the ONO Ranch” calendar. I was blessed for sure!

My 2022 Hoot’s calendar will arrive before long and I am going to make you the same deal as we did last year.

That is, the calendar will be fifteen dollars and will be signed and postage paid. If you purchase as many as three I will include an original 8 1/2 X 11 pen and ink cartoon (of my choosing) and for every three you buy, you will get an original.

By golly time marches on and change is constant and we just roll with the flow to get from one day to the next.

I remember as a young lad how much I enjoyed being able to have that Big Chief tablet and a number two pencil so I could, in my own way, create a work of art regardless of how it was received. It was who I was and all of the art back then was cowboys, horses or Indians. When I worked for Proctor and Gamble, I did some advertising posters when I was in the corporate offices in Cincinatti. It was just an exercise in “who are you and what can you do as a P&G representative.”

The artwork was well received even though it was of a cartoon style and I was pleased that they were pleased. In the future I was referred to as “Cowboy Jack” our man out of Amarillo. I was good with that but after four years I wanted to be a “real” cowboy so I quit and went to punchin’ cows as I have written about on earlier occasions.

So here we are, ending a successful career of providing the art work for the “Hoots” calendar and again I want to thank you folks for being such loyal and repeat customers over the years. Of course, I will continue to provide “Hoots” cartoons for this publication.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, remember to hug yer kids even if they act as if they don’t want you to, they

do, and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.


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