The extreme mustang makeover |

The extreme mustang makeover

Jesse MillerRandall working with Marley.

Foreseeing the future may only be reserved for the clairvoyant, but no one could imagine the opportunity given here would present itself in such an amazing way.

Sometime in the early spring of 2009, Randall was one of the chosen few from across the U.S. to participate in a competition that would test the skills of even the most veteran of horse trainers. After the initial shock of being granted this chance, he and his wife Jesse were headed to Litchfield, Calif., with only the vision of what could be next for Randall. The empty trailer being pulled behind them as they forged on westward would soon be the transportation of an untamed beast that would challenge Randall in ways unfamiliar to most.

This wild mustang would be a new test for Randall. Three months of training was the time allotted to all of the competitors, which seemed like a small window considering the nature of this horse. Randall and Jesse decided on a name that suited the horse’s physical appearance: a long mane, tangled, matted and what seemed to resemble dread-locks. Marley! As in Bob Marley, the artist who revolutionized reggae music, and who shared the same taste in hairstyles. Randall and Marley hit the ground running and got straight to work. Slow steps followed by giant leaps of progress would soon follow in her training.

The months of training, care, and love for Marley seemed to pass by almost faster than her footsteps. Some of Jesse’s family members’ flew in from miles away to support Randall and witness the tremendous changes he had set on his newest test.

It was off to the capital city of California for the moment they had worked so hard together for. Randall and his mare had scored excellent with even a first-place finish in one of the rounds. The crowd, seeing Marley and Randall in the middle of the arena, erupted into applause. After the finish, Randall was swarmed with journalists as vicious as the Hollywood paparazzi.

Randall proudly stated to the local newspaper and television station that, “She (Marley) was an amazing, willing and talented animal that I have ever put my leg on.” It seemed Randall’s training abilities had paid off with an excellent finish of fourth for the overall event and was named by the judges, “Top Professional Trainer.”

Marley has now since been adopted and her training and care continue.

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