The First Annual NCTA Horse Sale in Curtis, Neb., will be held October 22 |

The First Annual NCTA Horse Sale in Curtis, Neb., will be held October 22

NCTA student Lacy McCullock from Decatur, Neb., works with this colt that will be one of 50 horses offered for sale the the First Annual NCTA Horse Sale on October 22.

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Reputation bloodlines and top horse producers will be coupled with the knowledge and horsemanship skills of equine marketing students at Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture (NCTA)-University of Nebraska at the 1st Annual NCTA Horse Sale to be held October 22, 2011. The sale featuring 50 horses from Nebraska, South Dakota, and Kansas will begin at 1 p.m. CST at the NCTA Livestock Teaching Center on the east side of the NCTA campus in Curtis, Neb.

The large selection consists of mostly quarter horses with the majority of the horses papered or with papers being processed. All are considered well trained riding horses suited for ranch work with some having roping experience. Horses come from equine breeders and experienced horsemen such as Haythorn Land and Cattle Co., J.R. Ginther, Berry Creek Ranch, Mourning Dove Ranch, Roy Cole, Phyllis and Marcia Graney and many more.

There will be several Skip a Bar Joe mares and a paint pony that would be a good prospect for youth riders. A Nu Cash Cow weanling filly for sale has a background with all the right stuff to make a good reining and versatility horse. Grandsons and granddaughters of Continental Fly, Tuf N Busy, and Lopin Slow will be ready to show their potential in the ring.

Name droppin’ aside, the other thing up for inspection at the sale will be the knowledge and horsemanship of NCTA students. Through the equine marketing class, the students have dedicated time to working with horses that will be in the sale. With the assistance of their instructor, Lori Lindner, they have had the job of assessing the horse’s skills and training needs. With that information in mind, they have made goals for the horses they are preparing for the show. The past two months have been devoted to working with the horses to develop their present skills and optimize their potential.

For many students in the class, working with horses is something they’ve gained a lot of experience in. Megan Klassen, a second year NCTA student from Bailey, Colo., applies horse training techniques she has learned from professionals.

“This horse is still kind of green,” said Klassen, “but it’s close to the point to move on with reining.”

It comes from working with skilled horsemen who have shown her the ropes through training cutting horses. She recently attended the Les Vogt horse training clinic, and now has a possible job offer with a California horse trainer.

Brooke Hobrock from St. Francis, Kan., used constant repetition to practice riding cues with a 3-year-old horse that he is preparing for the sale. That practice is to assure a perfect performance on the day of the horse sale.

The horse Lacy McCullock of Decatur, Neb., was working with was on the other end of the spectrum. She is working with a colt that needs to be accustomed to halters and ropes, as well as calmly allowing someone to work with their feet or legs. Those are beginning skills that make a horse easier to handle later on.

Besides the NCTA horses, there are horses consigned by 14 other sellers. Sponsors through-out West Central Nebraska have donated tack or gift certificates to be auctioned off during the sale. There will be vendors that have a selection of new and used tack available. Auctioneer for the sale will be Randy Helms. The sale is being coordinated by Lori Lindner, NCTA instructor and Haythorn Land and Cattle employee; Judy Bowmaster-Cole, NCTA equine professor; and Jo Bek, NCTA professor.

More information is available on their online sale catalog which is available at or by calling Loriann at (605) 881-2827.

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