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"The First Day of Winter"

Jean Giffin"You say Winter's just startin'???"
Winter on our Sidney, Nebraska farm |

It’s the first day of winter out here on the farm, and a blistery North wind she’s a blowin’

She’ll be bringin’ more cold than one can imagine by evenin’ it’ll likely be snowin’

Critters take shelter from storms that are brewin’ seems they do have some good common sense

While folks sit inside ’round a nice little fire, you’ll find farmers out fixin’ a fence

There’s chores to be done ‘fore the sun goes down

and the temperature’s droppin’ clean out of sight

Fingers get froze, and feet they get numb and the ground, it’s gettin’ white

Layers and layers of wool won’t protect you and three pairs of socks just won’t do

When the snow’s fallin’ and the wind’s blowin

the chill can go right through you

Winter is here to stay for awhile, the North wind she’ll keep right on blowin’

We’ll ride out the storms the best that we can but our spirits will never be broken

Bundling and huddling against the cold winds we’ll weather the wintery storms

Shiverin’ and shakin’, our knees will be knockin’ tryin’ our best to keep warm

In due time, the days will start gettin’ warmer, the sun will start meltin’ the snow

And just when you think winter never will end, you’re now thinking “where’d the time go?”

Winter days have changed into the Season of Spring, with Summer and Autumn to follow

Before you know it another year has gone by and we face another winter with sorrow.

Copyright(c)Jean Giffin. All rights reserved.


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