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The fortune cookie

Whenever the opportunity arises I take advantage of eating Chinese food. Of course the Chinese meals we eat in America bear little semblance to the foods the Chinese eat in China.

When immigrants arrived in America they brought with them many customs from their native lands and cooked foods that were familiar to them.

As they became Americanized so did their recipes. What we call an Italian spaghetti dinner is rarely known in Italy. We don’t know if the French ever eat French toast or the Spanish eat our Spanish rice. The list can go on forever.

The Chinese are not much for desserts. Chinese American restaurants always top off a meal with a Chinese fortune cookie.

It’s always fun to open the cookies and read the messages that are baked inside. For an unknown reason the little notes always seem to know more about me than I know about myself. The last one read, “You have a deep appreciation of the arts and music.” On the back side was the note, “Learn Chinese.”

Maybe the cookies are telling us something. With all the money we Americans owe China, it may be time we learn to speak Chinese. As it is said, “words speak louder than action.”

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