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‘The Hammer’

I am just going to post this poem and let you all think about it. Being a mother of service members I have a hard time letting the situation in Afghanistan go and am appalled that we left many Americans behind.

This poem is called “The Hammer” and it was written by Mason Rodrigue for The Havok Journal and a friend posted it on Facebook where I found it.

They asked “Who will swing this Hammer?”

and we answered the call.

We went to War,

and they went to the mall.

The Hammer was Heavy.

The Hammer was Ours.

For 20 years we swung the Hammer

for the Bars and Stars –

We were the Spear that kills

We were the Shield that guards.

We swung the Hammer,

no task was too hard.

For two decades we lost the best of us,

all that’s left is the rest of us.

We didn’t question whether or not it was just –

we mattered to each other, so it mattered to us.

Governments recruit kids to fight their wars,

When children die they shrug their shoulders

because they know they can get more,

they don’t even have to tell us

what we die for anymore.

You may say it was for nothing,

you may say it was in vain –

but I won’t let you shame their honor,

I will make you say their names.

If we do nothing about it then we are the ones

who should be ashamed.

It’s time to call for accountability of the machine

from which our hammer swingin’ gained,

the criminals who used our deaths for political gain,

the snakes who gave lip service to our service

for their own fortune and fame.

It’s time to unite and say to the ones

who created this hell-

Here’s your @#$%#$$ Hammer,

next time swing it yourselves.

I don’t have all the answers,

I’m just another Marine.

I can’t think of any other way to make it

“Worth it” for the Thirteen.

The Havok Journal is an online publication that serves as the Voice of the Veteran Community.


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