The hazy, lazy days of summer |

The hazy, lazy days of summer

Hannie Wolf
Albion, Neb.

When the middle of summer rolls around, I begin to suffer from my annual bouts of depression. Although I was born in the winter, I am a summer person. I love the long, warm summer days, and enjoy nothing more than sitting on my porch, reading a good book.

Always one step ahead, I think of what will happen soon. The end of a short, glorious summer when the days are long.

After an endless winter, spring arrived at last, bringing with it ample rainfall, eliminating the need for irrigating. The tall cornfields were a sight to behold, bringing smiles to farmers faces.

Before we know it, autumn will arrive, dressed in shades of gold and red. The splendor of autumn heralds the coming of winter.

The days are short, the nights are long, before the cycle of life begins anew. It’s then I long to be a bear and hibernate all winter.