The Neighbor’s Dog |

The Neighbor’s Dog

The Shepherd greets me eagerly,

making circles in the one-inch snow.

We set off into the woods,

crunchy footsteps the only sound.

Vibrant energizing air invites me

forward, pushes me to explore a new path

as Dog searches hidden scents,

darts after an elusive squirrel.

He is a good companion,

comes when I clap and call his name.

Getting older, a little stiff,

he tires rather easily.

As we walk, we greet others,

each in our own way.

“Hello, lovely morning.”

“Sniff, sniff, have we met before?”

We step aside for a horse.

The hilly trail is an easy hike

among pine, spruce and bare aspen.

Winter birds flit among branches,

sunlight glints on frosted grass.

Now their house stands empty

since they moved away.

I’m not brave enough to hike alone,

only memories of Dog meet me at dawn.


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